Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold
Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold



 Your Mental Workout for a Better Game

   You've taken plenty of lessons....Now access what you've learned!
  • -Get into the zone...Simplify your game
  • -Shave Strokes off of your score
  • -Hit your best shots, consistently!
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    Golf Well: Accessing your inner champion CD cover

      "...Those who allowed themselves to relax and truly listen, discovered that their golf game did improve and they were overcoming problems and mental blocks that were causing problems on the golf course.....If you are looking to improve your golf game, get out to the practice range, the putting green and the sand bunkers. But don’t neglect your inner spirit, attitude, beliefs and the mental game of golf...."                                                                                                                                             -  Pat Mullaly, Golfgurls.com

    “...Every golfer seeks to reach their inner most potential. By using Janet’s techniques, golfers can improve their game by several shots as they learn to focus at an optimum level. Janet teaches golfers how to prepare for a round of golf mentally, and how to prepare and adapt to real situations golfers often find themselves. Whether it be focusing after a great start, focusing after a rough start, or dealing with distraction, you will be prepared!”   
                                                                                                          -Lee Weissmann, Northridge, CA

    “...Golf Well really helped me learn to shutout all distractions, allowing me to relax
    and focus on my next shot....”                                                                     -Ryan Aleck, North Hills, CA

    “...After listening to the Golf Well, I came in second in our club tournament and won over $300! Since then I’ve shot well below my handicap. It has been better for me than a series of expensive lessons!”

                                                                                                              -Richard Klein, Los Angeles, CA

    “...I have been listening to Janet Montgomery’s Accessing Your Inner Champion for several months now. It has given me calmness and allowed me to focus more sharply on my Golf Game. About a month after practicing my inner calmness I had a Hole In One!    Not bad -- I recommend it to everyone wanting to improve their Golf Game...”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Jess Stevenson, Woodland Hills CC

    "...If you are a little to stressed or amped up over that next days match, Play "Golf Well".   It's great to listen to while course managing your next days round in your  head..."     

                                                                                                                  -Rory Spears, Golfers on Golf Radio


    Sleep Well for Kids

    Helped the daycare kids  settle down & a few fell asleep                                           - 

    Can it be this easy?  Have we found our bedtime routine?                                                   -  Mamabananaadventures
    I found myself nodding off when my daughter was listening!                                                                 -  Laura Madsen

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