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The Live Well CD

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                      The LIVE WELL CD

Manage the Stress of Every Day
Living Using the Following Strategies:

Breathing Techniques
Affirmations & Visualization
Conscious Thinking
Changing Negative Thought Patterns
Progressive Relaxation

Guided Imagery Interactive Experience


Path to Resiliency

 Also at Amazon & iTunes

Path to Resiliency

A positive thinking strategy, rich in mountain climbing metaphors and positive affirmations, that helps reinforce your own resiliency and belief in yourself.

Just the thing to brighten your day!

Build motivational drive and follow through.

Use a more positive thinking strategy 

Practice patience

Listen                       11 minute nap

Also At:  amazon &  itunes

The 11 Minute Nap

Renew and Refresh Your Mind and Body

A quick antidote for a long day, a Power Nap that will help you recharge your mind and body, gain clarity and de-stress.....all in less than 11 Minutes!

  - Gain clarity and energy 

 - De-stress & improve your well being 

 - Do It Anywhere!  

....Janet Montgomery’s voice is very calming and reassuring. Montgomery is a modern day sage who utilizes timeless and invaluable techniques of 'As you think so shall you become....”

-Krista Hamel, Center on Aging, Arnold, MD


 " ....Janet's voice has perfect pitch and is easy to understand. You can hear her passion and confidence as she talks to you like a friend. The guided imagery is brilliant and the music is perfect!...."

-Karen Langston, Nutritionist Phoenix, AZ


"...I have listened to many CD's promoting relaxation, stress reduction and guided imagery over the years. I was quite pleased with the results achieved with your CD. I listened to "Live Well" and felt extremely refreshed and relaxed afterward, as if I had taken a much needed nap.  I felt the instructions regarding breathing techniques and body relaxation were very effective. The guided imagery was different than most. It was better in allowing me to choose my own path for discovery and exploring solutions. Great CD!!!"

-Lisa Cannon, New York, NY


 "...After listening to the CD I feel totally relaxed as if I had slept a good eight hours. I am able to accomplish tasks I was going to put off for another time..."

-Wendy Bergman, M.A. C.C.C.-sp Beverly Hills, CA


 I love the CD's from your web-site. They are very calming. The music is wonderful. The guided imagery makes me very relaxed. A must have for anyone who needs to sleep better and stay serene.

-Tobi Pepper, Encino, CA


"...I have been seeking a new Sales Position and I just received and listened to the CD. I felt it relaxed me and made me think of things that are important. The voice and Music puts you in a hypnotic state and relax. It got me to think that no matter how down you get on your job search you have to stay on tract. Finding a job is like perfecting a new skill, you have many setbacks to reach the ultimate goal..."

-Fred Schwarz, Vancouver, WA


"...Bought your Path to Resiliency CD & listened last night for the first time. It was great! I'm usually hard on myself & your CD made me realize that whatever is going on right in my life is not my fault. I'm doing things right & have to continue to believe in myself until these situations pass. Thanks for all that you do! I truly appreciate you!!"

 Anne  Hilbert, Los Angeles, CA


Sleep Well for Kids

Helped the daycare kids  settle down & a few fell asleep                                           - 

Can it be this easy?  Have we found our bedtime routine?                                                   -  Mamabananaadventures
I found myself nodding off when my daughter was listening!                                                                 -  Laura Madsen

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