Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold
Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold


 Sleep Well
A Guided Imagery Tool for Achieving Better Rest 


Get the Sleep You Need 

  •  Achieve Better Rest
  • Restore & renew your mind and body
  • Great for Kids
  • Sleep through the Night, Tonight! 

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"...Janet's voice is like my Mother tucking me in when I was a child an talking to while I would fall asleep.  Amazing!..."                                     -Mira Nikolova, Sleep Lab Manager, Ithaca NY

"...Love it!! I absolutely loved the guided imagery. Janet's voice is so soothing                                                                                      - Nicole Jeray, Professional LPGA Golfer

"...I've been sleeping well through the night and I know it has much to do with your awesome CD. My children refer to it as Mommy's sleepy time music and they, too, listen..as long as we stay awake..."                                                                                                                                        -Lisa Aust, Santa Clarita, CA

"...Janet's teaching is similar to what my yoga teacher does when we take rest in the class, it is very helpful for relaxing especially with a soft voice.  The music is great, I love it..."                                                                                       -Macy Chow, Senior Guest Consultant, Hong Kong

"...The voice and the music are really relaxing, it's just like having a therapist next to you at home...I was thinking about taking your CD every time I have to fly abroad..."                                                                                                           -Dimitri Martin, F&B Coordinator, The Ritz, London, UK

"...I'm enjoying (well, falling asleep) to your tracks..."                                                                                                                                           -Adam Rees-Taylor, London, UK

Sleep Well for Kids

Helped the daycare kids  settle down & a few fell asleep                                           - 

Can it be this easy?  Have we found our bedtime routine?                                                   -  Mamabananaadventures
I found myself nodding off when my daughter was listening!                                                                 -  Laura Madsen

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