Janet Montgomery & Jeff Gold
Janet Montgomery & Jeff Gold
Guided Imagery & Soothing Music
Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold


Relax at Bedtime

Sleep Well For Kids 
  Sleep Well For Kids:
Under the Sea
Sleep Well for Kids
  Sleep Well for Kids: Under the Sea

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Also at iTunes (amazon soon)

 "...An enchanting tool that will tap beautifully into the gift of imagination that children naturally possess..."

 -Marcy Axness, PhD Author, Parenting for Peace


 "...Precious and beautiful! ♥...The CD made me feel cozy, cuddly and safe..."

                      -Angela Brent-Harris, Educator, Palm Beach School District

"...Kindness to animals, respect for nature, and vivid scenarios round out this wonderful CD,  highly  recommend this as a tool for children of all ages..."                                                     -J. Waagenaar – Canoga Park CA

"...My Son loves to listen to the soothing talking... He used to get out of bed multiple times per night now he stays in bed and listens to the prompts..."   

- M. McDermott Rocky Point NY

  "...a boon to the parent with a school-aged child who is having bedtime fears, or general stress and anxiety that can make night time a particular challenge. Janet's whimsical journey skillfully and subtly empowers the young listener with inner tools that can bring confidence, resilience, and self-regulation. Thanks to her silky voice and the soothing atmosphere she creates, I wonder if any children will still be awake at the end of this 27-minute recording! And isn't that, after all, the point? 

- Marcy Axness, PhD | Author, Parenting for Peace


This is a great piece for teaching young children the basics of breathing, progressive relaxation of their body and visualization techniques for managing worry and relaxing into a restful sleep. This audio CD is a wonderful tool to help children learn the essential life-skills associated with calming down and relaxing.

-Deborah Buttitta, M.A.,MFT,  Phillips Graduate Institute, Encino, CA


Sleep Well for Kids

Helped the daycare kids  settle down & a few fell asleep                                           - 

Can it be this easy?  Have we found our bedtime routine?                                                   -  Mamabananaadventures
I found myself nodding off when my daughter was listening!                                                                 -  Laura Madsen

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