Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold
Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold


 Study & Test Well


Get the Grades you've Worked For    

   -Increase your test scores

    -Retain more of what you learn

    -Improve your focus

  -Calm your mind

 -Calm your nerves

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 "...I have listened to this CD a few times now, and it really does help me to clear my mind, think better, and focus on what I am doing. This would be a great tool for any student that needs help studying, and especially a high schooler that is preparing for SATs or college entrance exams. This would even help you relax and focus prior to a job interview, or in any situation where you need to remember facts, steps, or an abundance of information..."                                                                                                                                                      -MomVantage

"..... My ability to focus and the clarity of thought has been amazing. In  the world of multi-tasking and distractions this is a must!..."                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Jacqueline R Gordon, E Squared, Tallahassee FL

"....Very helpful for individuals preparing for board exams, SAT’s and job interviews, as well as  performance anxiety related to test taking and formal presentations.."   

                                          -Deborah Buttitta, M.A.,MFT,  Phillips Graduate Institute, Encino, CA

"...The music was so relaxing! Afterwards, I felt completely refreshed. I wish I had listened to this CD before I took my A.P. exam yesterday! It definitely would have calmed my nerves!"

                                                                  - K.S., senior, New Milford High School, New Milford, NJ

".... I was involved in a study where we had to read a very complex scientific journal article, then discuss it then after a break take a test on the reading. Using your methods I was able to retain the material and earned the highest score of anyone taking the exam. The gentleman conducting the experiment was amazed that I was able to retain as much as I had in the short period of time.                                                                                                                                                                                   - Monroe Smith, Business Analyst, St. Louis, MO

Sleep Well for Kids

Helped the daycare kids  settle down & a few fell asleep                                           - 

Can it be this easy?  Have we found our bedtime routine?                                                   -  Mamabananaadventures
I found myself nodding off when my daughter was listening!                                                                 -  Laura Madsen

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